New Workssssssssssss

Katie (below)  chilin with Aurora’s son “Tenny.”   Aurora co-owns Fari Folks and a Goat – a shop + coffee shop  in Greenwich village in NYC.  Katie Diamond (blonde shown here) designs some amazing jewelry.   These images are part of a recent campaign for Etsy + American Express.

Channeling Big Science

Chillin with some talented designer folks over at the Pencil Factory in Greenpoint, BK.  They are all amazing artists and people and I love them all.

Studio 515 – Jei Wei – Illustrator

Studio 512 – Young Professionals

Designers Mark Pernice and Zhang Qingyun

Studio 507

Comic and Illustrator Matt Huynh

Illustrator Paul Hoppe

Studio 515

Illustrator Alex Eben Meyer

Studio 515

 friend Ryan and a photo of his g’ma lookin foxy.

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Things happening lately…

Snaps from a campaign I shot for Pfizer’s Nexium heartburn medication…kickin off football season + a campaign for ADHD in kids + some dance and fitness ladies for Unilver’s Degree.

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Bailey, Jolene and Ashley


I got to spend a nice Labor Day sunset with these three confident and beautiful young women.

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Labor Day Vibes

sparkle beach bonfire time


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The Molly Fund Surf Contest

 My lil’art critic.  Love this thing so much.

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