you may get this crazy thing in the mail.

watch this guy play sometime




they wanna move to italy.


Roxie’s Hat / River Market / Kansas City, MO/KS





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Juicy Juice Tears

Most of these kid’s smiles are a result of a giant plush parrot pretend pooping on me or my assistant’s head. Shot in Brooklyn, NY. Beautiful product stills shot by fellow Greenhouse photographer Claire Benoist.

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ya win some, ya lose some…

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Sam Asano – Inventor, Friend, Mentor

Sam (Shintaro) Asano is the inventor of the fax machine | a friend  |  neighbor  |  a maker of killer soba noodles  | the owner of Sophie the dog  |  a hubble telescope engineer for NASA  |  inventor of electronic signatures (those things you use to sign your name on at a store)  |  this list goes on…

One of MIT’s most influential inventors of the 20th century.  Sam’s 80 and can often be found cruisin’ the town in his Saab convertible with Sophie riding shotgun.

He is one of my favorite humans on this planet.

He asked me to take his picture for something and I told him I would, if he would first put on this shirt, which has been sitting folded on his sofa for over two years.

Spend an hour with Sam Asano and you will surely be given some “life” advice that you’ll likely keep with you forever.

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+++ AGATHA +++

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