Holidayish things.


Jarrod and his Christmas tree stand.  He’s on year 20 with it.

This pooch had a fascination with rolling in the white stuff.

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treeman sighting / venice, ca

tug of war / topanga, ca

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Missing this Place

In order of appearance: mountain landscape in Northern Ethiopia, children playing outside the town of Korem,  Mulu (a young woman from the remote Tigray region who suffered an obstetric fistula due to lack of maternal care. Photographed in her family’s hut shortly after here obstructed labor occurred.)

Images shot for a project on women’s health in Ethiopia.

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Anna Ehrgott and Sagebrush Bags

Born n raised in SoCal, Anna Ehrgott, sews her killer eco-friendly surfboard bags by hand.  They’re really pretty.

Her company is called Sagebrush Bags and is based in Topanga, CA.  Shot for Salt & Water Magazine

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Lily n’ Ase

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