New Tears – Healthcare and Footwear

I just wanted to say “thank you” to all nurses out there – everywhere.  Shown here, Nurse Emily Runyan and patient in the mobile health clinic.  Thank you for all you do.

New tears from a recent footwear campaigns…

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MEat for DownEast Magazine

Jarrod owns MEat.  It’s a butcher shop in the small Williamsburg-esque town of Kittery, Maine (about 5 hrs north of NYC).  He used to live in Italy and it’s been his dream to open a local butchershop sourcing livestock from the surrounding Kittery area. This year he finally did it.

They’re nice folks and if you find yourself in the area you should stop by MEat and say hello. Shot as part of a larger essay on Kittery for DownEast magazine.  If you wanna see more shots of the store and of meat just hit me up over email.  Happy to share.


A lilypad field. I saw it on the way to photograph MEat (the butcher shop above) on some rural road outside of Kittery, Maine.

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Mela ‘n her fam.

I love family….and even other people’s families.  They’re fun.

Here are some images of Mela (little lady below) and her nearest and dearest.


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a sunset in Rio

A couple from a shoot for Amex.

Sofi and Jeremy at her shop Olives and Grace in Boston, MA.  Jeremy is a potter and Sofi’s mission with her store is to promote artisans who are just starting out or who do small batch production.

These images are part of a recent campaign series for Etsy + American Express promoting small businesses.

Channeling Big Science

Chillin with some talented designer folks over at the Pencil Factory in Greenpoint, BK.  They are all amazing artists and people and I love them all.

Studio 515 – Jei Wei – Illustrator

Studio 512 – Young Professionals

Designers Mark Pernice and Zhang Qingyun

Studio 507

Comic and Illustrator Matt Huynh

Illustrator Paul Hoppe

Studio 515

Illustrator Alex Eben Meyer

Studio 515

 friend Ryan and a photo of his g’ma lookin foxy.

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