Lily n’ Ase

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trekked up to kittery, maine for downeast magazine….a couple snaps from blackbirch restaurant

Claudia and her starfish.

Happy Halloween Y’all.

Sam Asano (below). He invented the fax machine and was one of the first dudes to work on Hubble telescope.

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My new art. I call it “Corruption Effect.”

(There were no cards ruined during this process.)



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Things happening lately…

Snaps from a campaign I shot for Pfizer’s Nexium heartburn medication…kickin off football season + a campaign for ADHD in kids + some dance and fitness ladies for Unilver’s Degree.

And one sent to me on the scene…

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New Tears – Healthcare and Footwear

I just wanted to say “thank you” to all nurses out there – everywhere.  Shown here, Nurse Emily Runyan and patient in the mobile health clinic.  Thank you for all you do.

New tears from a recent footwear campaigns…

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