ya win some, ya lose some…

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Sam Asano – Inventor, Friend, Mentor

Sam (Shintaro) Asano is the inventor of the fax machine | a friend  |  neighbor  |  a maker of killer soba noodles  | the owner of Sophie the dog  |  a hubble telescope engineer for NASA  |  inventor of electronic signatures (those things you use to sign your name on at a store)  |  this list goes on…

One of MIT’s most influential inventors of the 20th century.  Sam’s 80 and can often be found cruisin’ the town in his Saab convertible with Sophie riding shotgun.

He is one of my favorite humans on this planet.

He asked me to take his picture for something and I told him I would, if he would first put on this shirt, which has been sitting folded on his sofa for over two years.

Spend an hour with Sam Asano and you will surely be given some “life” advice that you’ll likely keep with you forever.

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+++ AGATHA +++

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Sunday.  Sunset.  Santa Monica.  Soccer.  Froyo.  Prework Rituals.

Behind the Scenes-ness

location scouts, chill outs, lights n action, nicaraguan healthcare, production yoga, soba for good luck and above all else – always remember that you are a unique and beautiful snowflake


workin on a sunday…time for a collage.

Back in LA for a P&G project

Wrapped a great shoot this week for Havas WW and GSK out in LA. A few bts of the last day at our last location.  We had packed shooting days, but we had a blast!

Incredibly thankful for such an amazing team out here.

Leah (below) on set. Stylist’s always have cool sunglasses.

Dude (below) got into the shot on accident… he had his pic taken. #madeinamerica

So many nice sunsets out here.

Flight to LA delayed. Caught these two bein’ cute in the terminal.

Fans at a Bollywood event for Shahrukh Khan, Jackson Heights, Queens

Bus Stop 1

there’s a seal down there


kiss off, winter.

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Missing a Colorado Summer…

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